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The time has finally arrived. Our first drop of premium quality gear is here, and ready to hit the road with you on your epic journey to enlightenment.

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Built Different.

A Different Breed Visionary was created for the individuals who are not afraid to leave behind the confines of normal society, in search of a more fulfilling way of life. We love hard, smile big, and laugh often. You should too. Seeing our logo should be a reminder to always seek the positive, chase your dreams, and love EVERYONE. Get ready, we are taking over.



  • High Quality

    "The material of the hat is really nice and high quality. It fits my head perfect and is stretchy if I need it on my head tight. The mesh back keeps my head cool in the heat and the overall look of it is badass." - Braxton Y.

  • Ten Out Of Ten

    "Super Comfortable! They're breathable and light, but are still very high quality. The Embroidery is thick and vibrant. 10/10." - Cameron D.

  • Elegant

    “The hat is super comfy and doesn't get dirty all that fast. It's a killer hat, gonna have to come pick up a few more. Thanks again!" - Jordan H.

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